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We are adding new products.  Gordon created other stories and artwork, not yet published.  In addition to The Toronto You Are Leaving, here are some other books we have available:


NOT A TOTAL WASTE  (CAN $16.95, US $14.95)
The true story of a mother, a son and AIDS 
B. M. Lloyd Ed.D., Ph.D.

Nominated for The Governor General's Award

"Now is the time for global solidarity against a common enemy.  Now is the time for us to share our knowledge." - Elizabeth Taylor

"Death, suffering and terrible pain have too often been compounded by isolation, loneliness, fear and homophobia.  Lloyd's story is a beautiful example of how the love of a mother, as well as the care and compassion of friends and other family members, can so powerfully help to ease the alienation of AIDS." - Svend Robinson, MP, House of Commons, Ottawa, ON

"The story is the triumph of two brave people.  They could not defeat death, but they gave it a great fight.  Mother and son reached inside themselves and found strengths they didn't know they possessed.  Not A Total Waste is about what Philippe Aries calls "a tame death" - death cushioned against the horror by love.  It is about deathless bonds between parent and child, the gallant spirit of a dying youth and the grit of an indomitable mother." - June Callwood

Beyond Coincidence - Angel Whispers - Angel Hugs
B. M. Lloyd Ed.D., Ph.D.

Do YOU have a Guardian Angel?

Dr. B.M.Lloyd has collected stories and experiences from a wide variety of people who believe THEY do.

In fact, many of us are hard put to explain in a  logical manner experiences that seem to confound rational explanation.

If you are one of the thousands who have experienced the "unexplainable" then you will certainly identify with and enjoy the stories presented in this book.

They take you..."Beyond Coincidence"!

The Soo Greyhounds - Share the Dream
 B.M. Lloyd, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Winters are long and cold in Sault Ste. Marie.  The SOO GREYHOUNDS hockey team plays a vital role in the social and economic fabric of this city.  HOUND fans are loyal and articulate regarding their expectations for each game.  Each article of this book reflects the positive influence of parents, coaches, trainers, teachers, fans and peers.  During a re-loading era many new faces and names are learned and past events recalled.

We appreciate those who have contributed time and talent towarads this publication, the encouragement of the Soo Greyhound Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the public.  It expresses the excitement anad pride of our SOO GREYHOUND team and fans.  This book reflects our gratitude the HOUNDS still belong to the SOO.


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