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A "Quicki" Biography of Gordon Stewart Anderson

A lively cosmopolitan traveller, with a terrific sense of humour, fluent in several languages, Gordon was born in Hamilton, Ontario and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

An honour graduate of Waterloo University and The University of Toronto, Gordon lived and studied in Brazil, France, Italy, Japan and England.  Studies in architecture, elementary education and second language teaching enriched his love of research and journalism.

THE TORONTO YOU ARE LEAVING was completed in 1989, and languished with a publisher until June, 2006 when Untroubled Heart Inc. and Coach House Press introduced it.  It is a fictional novel, dealing with many realities of life in today's society.  These realities are presented with an inherent joy of life.

Described as "a lively and realistic depiction of gay life in Canada's gayest city" and "a tender and direct 70's and 80's love story written with wit, humour and empathy", it is agreed that "no other writer has captured the Toronto gay scene . . . like Gordon Stewart Anderson".

AIDS-related illnesses in 1991 necessitated Gordon's early departure from this world, but his character is with us yet.

He is still prompting people to chuckle, at themselves and situations; lending a shoulder with a helping hand through crisis; and enriching lives through his works.  Enjoy!

"Je ne regrette rien."



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